Opposing LEAF’s viewpoint was the Muslim Canadian Congress (

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Opposing LEAF’s viewpoint was the Muslim Canadian Congress (

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Next to them, Ken and Bernadette Smith sat on lawn royal blue evening dress chairs, with maple leaf-speckled hankies around their necks, and hats to protect themselves from the sun beating down from a clear blue sky.

Fashion master Rick Owens continued to add to his reputation as one of the more provocative designers in Paris — with his bawdy collection that at several instances saw a real model’s crotch strapped around another model’s face or neck.It isn’t polite to stare, but get ready for a wave of impoliteness — because with the Royal nuptials just around the corner and the rise of the fascinator in formal wear, it’s impossible to look away.Atkinson: A certain generation of designers is aging – from Giorgio Armani in Italy to Oscar de la Renta in America – and we don’t hear much about succession planning. Is the future individual designers or big brands like Uniqlo?Now I like to think I enjoy penis jokes, poop jokes, fart jokes and so on as much as the next fellow, but whether it’s Adam Sandler or No?l Coward, one looks for some signs of art in the set-up, or at least a sense of astonishment in the outrage. Funny as they are, poopy pants still need a sense of timing, or at least something beyond the raucous and relentless tawdriness of That’s My Boy.Now the challenge was to prove to the observant little girl that the real Paris was not populated by eight-fingered characters named Mickey and Goofy.In one Instagram video, she congratulates the newlyweds, admitting that correctly pronouncing their names was “the hardest thing I had to evening maxi dresses do today.”But white and nude was the colour of the night, at least in terms of repeat appearances. Queen Latifah, Octavia Spencer and Zoe Saldana donned it, and Marchesa co-designer and Harvey Weinstein’s other half Georgina Chapman (quite pregnant) wafted in in white lace-trimmed white chiffon; Kristen Stewart slouched her way down the red carpet in dévoré velvet strapless, a waste of a gorgeous dress on a girl who couldn’t care less. One of the best cream dresses of the night came from the documentary-winning team, a pleated, fluted column with rosettes at the neckline that recalled a timeless Fortuny Delphos gown.The number one question readers asked me after reading that post was: Who are some more modern-day examples of CEOs and executives who suffer from these different habits? And how can we identify CEOs with these habits today – in order to avoid investing in them?It has been legal since the mid-1990s for women to go topless in Ontario — a fact of which Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed were keenly aware when they decided to shed their shirts and sports bras after three hours of biking in the region of Kitchener-Waterloo in Friday’s 26 C heat, with a humidex of 31. Before long, they were stopped by a police officer who, they say, told them to put their shirts back on, that it was the law. The girls refused.Despite the atrocities that made it notorious, the Islamic State group had raised hopes among some fellow Sunnis when it overran their territories across parts of long prom dresses Syria and Iraq and declared a “caliphate” in the summer of 2014.

It presented itself as a contrast to Assad’s rule, bringing justice through its extreme interpretation of Shariah and providing services to residents, including loans to farmers, water and electricity, and alms to the poor. Its propaganda machine promoting the dream of an Islamic caliphate helped attract jihadis from around the world.Relegated to the evidence room as the result of a Taser mishap that led to her name being used as a verb – you’ve been Coopered – she’s given a chance to redeem herself when a notorious drug cartel leader is arrested, and a potential witness needs protection.Opposing LEAF’s viewpoint was the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC).

MCC spokesman Tarek Fatah maintained that religious freedoms are not absolute. They must be balanced against the right of a criminal defendant and his advocate to look his accuser in the face and assess her expression: “[Muslim women] should be treated like any other woman and receive the same protections.

” Fatah also objected to the Charter being a vehicle for gender inequality: “The covered female face is a reminder to the wearer that she is not free and to the observer, that she is a possession.”“Ultimately the responsibility turns to us in the business community,” Megitt said. “To actively go out to different communities of young people and ask, ‘Do you have any questions for me? Here is my story and here is the path I took.’”

Opposing LEAF’s viewpoint was the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC)
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