Re: How Filling Your Gas Tank Oppresses Women, Tasha Kheirid

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Re: How Filling Your Gas Tank Oppresses Women, Tasha Kheirid

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Will she wear a hat of waffles? Will there be red junior bridesmaid dresses fibreglass? The guessing has officially begun in certain circles re: the impending visit to Toronto by inimitable style icon Anna Dello Russo. The big question: Whatever will she wear? The date: April 20!As the Dress Doctors did, Hollywood (Astaire, Jean Harlow) played a major role in communicating the new ideas and styles to a broader audience. “In fact what people come to see is the essence of this lost era,” Mears continues. “It’s modern but you can see a greater correlation between pop culture and fashion in the 1930s than you do interacting today – today they are almost two distinct entities.”In Ottawa, Club SAW is hosting an?Anti Valentine’s Day Film Screening, featuring short films of “love gone wrong… way wrong.”?On the west coast, if you’re looking for something a little more rowdy, Vancouver’s Joseph Richard club is hosting The Hater’s Ball: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party.Williams’ death has puzzled investigators, who have struggled to understand how he ended up in the bag, which also contained keys that would have unlocked its padlock. There were no signs of a struggle.As she shimmied on to the brightly lit Hollywood set, newly svelte in a tight red “wiggle dress” and wearing a smile primed to dazzle millions of American television viewers, Nigella Lawson might have been forgiven for thinking that – finally – her time had come.Shoshanna remains her usual whimsical self. She describes her current state-of-being elegant bridesmaid dresses best, saying: “It’s the beginning of a somewhat sexually adventurous time for me. I’m alternating nights of freedom with nights of academic focus.” Indeed, her fashion toes that line as well, alternating between waking up in a dormitory bunk bed in pink undergarments to studying in a library with her sunglasses and hood on.Re: How Filling Your Gas Tank Oppresses Women, Tasha Kheiriddin, Sept. 22.Saudi Arabia has a poor track record in the area of human rights, but Canada also has an abysmal track record of oppressing First Nations’ rights.Even though the Lubicon Cree in northern Alberta have never surrendered their land, oil and gas licences in their territory have been granted by the Alberta government to oil companies. This has diminished wildlife and the natural habitat that they have traditionally depended on, reducing them from self-sufficiency to poverty while the government has pocketed billions in oil and gas revenues. In April, the Lubicon were also the victims of the second-worst oil spill in Alberta’s history, exposing Lubicon children and teachers in a nearby school to dangerous fumes that made them sick.Tasha Kheiriddin’s column fails to mention Amnesty International’s efforts in seeking justice for the Lubicon Cree or the human rights issue facing indigenous people in Canada over appropriation of their lands and resources. Conveniently, it’s also absent from’s “oppression-free” oil campaign. Jennifer Asimoudis, Ancaster, Ont.Re: America’s Zionist Mission, Jonathan Kay, Dec.

16.Jonathan chiffon bridesmaid dresses Kay has again gone overboard in trying to discover the root cause of U.S. support for Israel. Americans are serious democratic Christians who are therefore supportive of a free and democratic Jewish state. In addition, America, democracy and freedom are at war with radical Islam, an ideology that is trying to destroy both the United States and Israel.

Contrary to what Mr. Kay suggests, the United States is still a uniquely free country. It has not lost its stature as an icon of freedom because of Guantamamo, CIA prisons or the Patriot Act, but has been forced to use these procedures as a way to protect its democracy and freedom. Jonathan Usher, Toronto.

The irony is that fashion can’t capitalize on grunge, though it certainly tries to capitalize on Grunge, in the way it regularly adopts a phenomenon from the street, chews it up then spits it out 10 times the price. Marc Jacobs’ spring 1993 “grunge” collection at Perry Ellis made headlines, but to the Seattle backlash it was already a parody of itself and, anyway, it got him fired. All moot since, as Cross points out, the building blocks were already for sale at K-Mart.

Only the conceptual designer Martin Margiela understood this fundamental shift. His runway collection that year used existing materials: a pile of shirts bought at a surplus store.

Re: How Filling Your Gas Tank Oppresses Women, Tasha Kheiriddin, Sept
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