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“We think about our clients and we know what they like

Unread postPosted: 08 Apr 2016 06:40
by haoyunlai
I’ve started new work now, but slowly. I’m not totally girls special occasion dresses ready to talk about my new poems, because they’re still very fresh.

But I’m enjoying doing a lot of the reading I’ve been meaning to catch up on. I’ve been reading Montaigne’s essays which have been an absolutely thrill. Also: Berryman’s essays on Shakespeare. Incredible.

Have you read them? In terms of poetry, I’ve been reading new stuff by Peter Gizzi, who’s lovely, Lisa Robertson, Daryl Hine, and I’ve been really enjoying Jeff Latosik’s debut, Tiny, Frantic, Stronger.Jones said he saw Lane after he was captured and that the teen did not say anything. An investigation is underway to determine how the men, who were outside for recreation, managed to climb over the prison’s perimeter fence, the warden said.What politics meant in the Soviet Union was vastly different from the political sphere in America, when she moved.

Is there really something above policy, money, about the people’s understanding of their leader, that makes a human being a political animal?“Dating is a skill,” Andersen said. “In order to be successful with dating and find the love of your life, you’ve got to be prepared.”“It’s seen as vulgar. People are more prudish these days,” said 60-year old Muriel Trazie, keeping her breasts out of the public eye while sunning herself on Paris Plages, the French capital’s summer beach.“I can tell you right now Ricky Ray will not be playing next week,” Milanovich said emphatically. “He’ll be standing beside me on the sidelines without gear on, we can end the speculation right now.”The casual lustrous Rapunzel hair was markedly different from the coiffed and sprayed Lady Di’s heir day. But not much else was, certainly not her choice of polka dot sack dress.She had already travelled to Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, and then on to Sulaymaniyah, talking to Kurdish officials and meeting anyone who dresses for special occasions might have any information about the whereabouts of her children.“We had Big Bird dancing in front of our Deerfield Beach store and people were honking and going crazy,” Wick said. “It’s been 20 years since Big Bird was popular.”So during my second viewing at a much less boisterous press screening last month, I looked beyond the performances at the way so many well-chosen anachronisms mingle to create a new, unique Whedonesque world. There’s the indeterminate but contemporary setting, with its vague historic political and military context and the retrograde notion that a society bride must be pure upon marriage, combined with the familiar bottles of Patron and smartphones, and then the black-and-white film with vintage-inspired costumes and supper-club cocktails aplenty.“There was one line where I had to say, ‘Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim!’ It was five Jims and I said six or seven. And Aaron was like, ‘Emily! How many Jims are written there?’ ” she says, laughing. “I realized that I’d better stick to this [script] loyally. But the truth is, you don’t mind, because the words are written that way for a purpose and it’s like a song.”Raina’s accessories already dot shops around Toronto – text and curlicue-laden infinity scarves and soft wool shawls – and here she offers silk twills in patterns to match, knotted around a wrist or woven into the models’ loose side braids. There are fluid silk blouses and long skirts with girlish satin-covered buttons and in more neutral prints, but they don’t leave as much of an impression. It’s hard to argue with a lovely dress that makes an entrance while also giving you pockets.Allan Waters Humanitarian Award winners Simple Plan were honoured for their support of youth before taking the stage to perform, backed by beautiful video imagery. K’naan joined the band for a special occasion dresses very fitting rap verse as nine tropical dancers swung to the music. Simple Plan’s drummer chucked a stick into the crowd, who didn’t even notice as it most likely smacked some poor chap in the head.The next decade or so ushered in an era of hyper realism, with mannequins showing belly buttons and even back spine indentations, says ChadMichael Morrisette, an expert in mannequin history. But by the late 1980s, the trend moved away from realistic mannequins and toward torsos or mannequins without faces. Now, retailers are doing another about-face.Even in the throes of civil war, the country’s public transport has not stopped. But the journeys involve crossing front lines, accelerating through armed clashes and running the gauntlet of kidnap by pro-regime gunmen and jihadists alike.At the heart of the Hahashmal scene is the avant-garde boutique Frau Blau. Run by the Ukrainian and Uzbek husband and wife team of Philip Blau and Helena Blaunstein, the shop was the first one in the area and is the most well known today.

“We opened our store here [when] it was the slums,” Blau says. Made for women who surely want nothing more than to be noticed, the duo’s crazily coloured line covers everything from bright tank tops to Technicolor wrap dresses and plastic-coated accessories. What the duo is best known for, though, are trompe l’oeil prints. Their current collection includes a magenta shift dress printed with strands of larger-than-life pearls, $285, and a cotton T-shirt printed to mimick a blazer, tie and button down shirt, $185. “Everyone here wants to wear a tailored jacket but it’s too hot [outside],” Blau explains. “We think about our clients and we know what they like. We think that it’s cool to be colourful every day.”

“We think about our clients and we know what they like